what you should know about


gov. walz emergency order current update as of 12/16/2020


We are a private gym. only members can access the facility by key fob entry! we are not open to the general public AND ARE NOT OFFERING GUEST PASSES AT THIS TIME.



1. 25% capacity = 30 members just show up no call ahead scheduling.

2. Mask required – unless you have a condition that prevents you from wearing one. if you are not wearing a mask we will assume this is the case. due to HIPAA, and the 4th ammendment we will not ask about your condition.  

3. By entering the facility you are confirming you have not been exposed or showing signs of covid-19 in the past 14 days.


4. Please help us by washing your hands whe entering the club and also sanitizing equipment before and after use.

5. Be respectful of others space and practice social distancing (6-12 feet recommended).

6. Please help us by staying home if you are sick we will credit your membership for up to 14 days due to covid exposure or sickness.



are you devo?


staffed H0urs

Monday – Thursday: 5:15am – 7:30pm

Friday: N/A

Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Sunday: N/A