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Blake Buckley CPT (Owner & Lead Trainer)

I have over 5 years of personal training experience, and have helped transform hundreds of clients during that timeframe. I specialize in posture and alignment as well as weight loss. My passion is working with people and helping them believe in themselves again. Success in my eyes is being able to lead a client through a program so that when they have reached their goals they have the knowledge to continue developing their program and see results on their own. Training is my responsibility, Teaching is my passion.




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Real People. Real Results.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Blake. Last fall I signed up for personal training with him. He spent a couple of hours with me figuring out why I wanted to make changes and what would be most successful for me. He quickly came to the conclusion that, while I could improve my workouts, my main issue was what I ate. Through his coaching and encouragement, I was able to lose 50 lbs over the winter. Blake is kind, compassionate and has a genuine passion for helping people succeed. Thank you, Blake, for making me feel, after years of failure, that this was possible!”

Kristine A.

I met Blake & Casie in December of 2017. I didn’t know how much my life would change for the better the moment I met them. My brother passed away in September of 2017 & I was looking for anything and everything to keep me going. I began training with Casie instantly! I’m a part of a professional dance company in Minneapolis & I was preparing for our upcoming show, as well as being a dancer for Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl XII! With strenuous rehearsals, being a Creative Director & Owner of a dance studio, working on my professional dance career, & trying to maintain a personal life, I didn’t think training would be feasible. Casie taught me otherwise & showed me that it wasn’t going to be easy, but definitely worth it. Growing up as a dancer and gymnast I felt like I was in the best shape of my life, but didn’t realize that there was room for improvement. DEVO Fitness isn’t just a place of growth, but a place of family and stability. The environment that Blake & Casie have created at DEVO has been like no other. They helped give my journey, of a healthier lifestyle, purpose & meaning. I will always stand behind what they give their clients & community. They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you, Blake & Casie, for my new found confidence, outlook on life, and a new gym to call home.

Ben M.

I love going to Devo to work out! I have been working with Blake for a little while now and the progress is outstanding! I have worked with him before so I knew I was in good hands, but he still surprised me! I have an injury on my spine and Blake has been so helpful to get me stronger and out of pain! I never thought that would happen! I don’t need pain pills to be pain free anymore! I am feeling like me again! There is a wide range of equipment at Devo. They are always adding new equipment too! Blake and Casie are always happy to see everyone come in and become stronger and healthier! I would highly recommend checking Devo out!

Kayla E.

what is the benefit to working with a trainer?

Working with a personal trainer ensures the exercises performed are specific to your goals and are executed safely. Our team has the knowledge and skills required to work around injuries and medical conditions that make effective exercise difficult. One-on-one personal training offers a schedule that is flexible and based on your needs.

how many times a week should i work with a personal trainer?

If you are new to exercise, working with a trainer 2-3 times/week is recommended. If possible, training should not occur on consecutive days to allow the body time to rest and heal.

is my fitness level high enough to work with a personal trainer?

Of course! Here at Devo Fitness we work with clients of all fitness levels. It is a misconception that only the super-fit work with personal trainers. We start you where you are at, and work with you to get you where you want to be. The exercise selection is based on current fitness level to provide the appropriate workout during your session.


Weight loss IS personal training. Weight loss is the number one goal clients mention when joining a gym and working with a trainer. Devo Fitness trainers will create a program that includes the appropriate amount of resistance and cardiovascular training to maximize your weight loss. The trainer will also make recommendations for proper nutrition and supplementation to assist with weight loss.


All trainers are required to have a national certification in the health and fitness field, which establishes they have obtained the necessary skills and knowledge to prescribe safe and effective exercises.


The number of sessions you purchase is completely up to you. Most clients choose between 24 to 48 sessions but we can accommodate any number.


Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for exercise.  We have many clients that arrive a little early and warm-up on their own so they have more time to exercise with the trainer. We take weight and body fat measurements at the first session of the week to ensure our progress is on the right track. Following this, the trainer will introduce the exercises of the day and explain what muscle groups you will be focusing on. We concentrate on creating successful, goal-orientated work outs that are both effective and fun! We have found that the variety of exercises is what keeps clients motivated for each session. Following the strength-training part of the session, the trainer will explain what cardio (if any) exercise to do for the client finish up with. After a few weeks clients will notice that they have quite a few work outs to follow, which they can begin to do on their own on non-training session days. Constant education is a key to personal training and prepares our clients for future success.



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